Monday 1 December 2014

Christmas Gifts for Horror Lovers

Now that it's December, I did some internet research to see what gifts are available for horror lovers. They range from the traditional horror movies, posters, and books to many novelty items, including gargoyle pens, Frankenstein tins with candy, and cracked doll head candles. However, these novelty items tend to be pricey unless there are still some Halloween markdowns out there in cyberspace that you can find.

For those on a budget, I'm reprinting a list I prepared for last year's blog post:

- Record some of the free offerings on television and make a themed set of horror movies (e.g., killer clowns; exorcisms; haunted houses);

- Give a subscription to a horror magazine or buy a horror-themed calendar;

- Take advantage of sales on t-shirts from printing companies that have no minimum purchase requirement and order a custom-made t-shirt for less (as low as $5-$7.50) with horror graphics downloaded from the internet;

- Visit dollar stores and local flea markets to see if there are horror collectibles that are reasonably priced; or

- Give your own gift certificate for a night of horror movie viewing at your house or a Walking Dead festival (complete with costumes if you're up for it).

If you have some free reading time over the holidays, you might want to download the works of Poe (for free or minimal cost). If you like psychological horror, Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House is also a natural.

Have fun!

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