Monday, 20 July 2015

Publishing a Book Is an Act of Faith

I've discovered that it's very difficult to publish novels and then wait to see if anyone actually reads them, so I'm pleased that my second book, Fire Whisperer & Circle of Souls: Two Novellas of the Supernatural, has been well-received. It's always a battle getting reviews, and I appreciate when readers take the time to post them. One reader even sent me a personal message telling me how much she enjoyed my writing and encouraging me to continue.

Since everyone is now a potential critic, you're never quite sure what to expect from readers. When I published The Home Child, I did a Goodreads giveaway, which involved providing free copies of the book to the winners as well as incurring the significant mailing costs of Canada Post. I received a two-star rating but no review from the first contest winner to post a rating, so not only was I out $20 for the book and mailing costs, but I had no idea why she didn't like the book. (Fortunately, I have received informative reviews since that time.)

I also discovered a few months after the publication of The Home Child that there was an online pirated version of my novel with more than four hundred downloads for which I received no compensation. That money would have gone a long way in paying for future publications.

My point? Publishing a novel is an act of faith and trust.

You need to love writing to keep moving on.

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