Monday, 16 February 2015

Annabelle the Doll

Annabelle in the Warren's Occult Museum in Connecticut

If you've watched The Conjuring and its spinoff/prequel Annabelle, you've heard of Annabelle the Doll.

Annabelle is a rag doll rather than the porcelain doll depicted in the two movies. It originally belonged to a nursing student named Donna--a gift from her mother. The doll was reputed to move about in her apartment and to change its poses, as well as leaving cryptic notes saying HELP on pieces of parchment.

When Donna came home to her apartment one day and found drops of blood on the doll's hand, she called upon the services of a psychic. The medium advised Donna that the doll was haunted by the spirit of a dead child named Annabelle Higgins (hence the name given to the doll).

When the doll later became violent towards her roommate's boyfriend Lou, Donna contacted demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. They advised her that the doll was not inhabited by the spirit of Annabelle Higgins, but was in fact possessed by a devil. At Donna's request, they removed it from her apartment.

The doll now resides in an occult museum owned by the Warrens. According to Ed Warren, Annabelle was responsible for the death of a young man who visited the museum and taunted the doll, daring it to do its worst to him. The man died three hours later in a motorcycle crash.

There's lot of reading/viewing material on Annabelle, including videotaped reenactments of its history on YouTube.

To learn more of the doll's story, please click here and here. And you can also contact the Warren's Occult Museum through Facebook at


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