Monday, 15 December 2014

The Evil Dead and the Versatile Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead II: photo courtesy of the IGN website
Fans of The Evil Dead cult horror movies will be pleased to learn that there will be a new television series next year called Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Director Sam Raimi, who made the original movie in 1981, followed by Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness, will be the executive producer of the new show, as well as writing and directing its first episode. And, of course, actor Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead movie fame will play Ash Williams in the new series.

My son is a huge fan of cult horror movies, especially The Evil Dead franchise, and was able to get an autograph from Bruce Campbell at this year's ComicCon in Ottawa. Mr. Campbell signed the autograph despite the fact that his booth had technically closed for the day, and he was very kind to my son, who will be a fan of his for life.

I'm currently watching Bruce Campbell in the series Burn Notice, which I bought on DVD. He plays a thoroughly enjoyable character who is ethically-challenged, but always comes through for his friends.

In addition to starring in many cult horror films and co-starring in the Burn Notice television series, the versatile Campbell has had roles in mainstream movies and numerous other television shows, as well as being a voice talent for Disney. And believe it or not, he is an ordained minister who has performed marriages. (Source: Wikipedia)

To visit Bruce Campbell's official website, please click here. To read more about his upcoming TV series, please click here.

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